Below are listed the BGA General Show Rules as they apply to current schedules.  However, we also have a copy of the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook available at all shows for the use of BGA members and all exhibitors.

1   All exhibits must have been grown by (or where applicable, made by) the exhibitor personally.  In the Flower Arrangement Classes purchased materials may be used.  Pot plants must be in the exhibitor’s possession for at least six months before the show date.

2.1   In the Fruit, Vegetable, Flower and Flower Arrangement Sections, an exhibitor may make no more than two entries per class.  Additional entries will result in disqualification.

2.2   In the Domestic and Handicraft Sections, entries may be from any members of the family unit, provided the work is genuinely that of the person named on the entry form.  The item must not have previously won a class in a BGA show.  An exhibitor may make no more than two entries per class.

4  Potato yield class entries must be exhibited in the container in which they are grown, capable of being carried by one person, with foliage (green or dry) intact, to be emptied and weighed at the show.

6  All classes are open unless otherwise stated.

7  The judge’s decision is final in respect of placing within classes, and judges are empowered to withhold placings if deemed unmerited.

8  If there is a dispute over entries which cannot be resolved by reference to the rules, then the Show Secretary in consultation with two officials or committee members has the right to annul the entry. The Show Secretary will be the final arbiter in matters appertaining to the application of the rules.

9  In the event of a points tie, the greater number of 1st prizes will decide.

10  No exhibit may be removed until after the presentation of trophies.

11.1  Buckden Gardeners Association (BGA) is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the exhibits will be judged under RHS Rules unless otherwise stated in the schedule and/or rules.  

11.2  If a horticultural term is not otherwise defined within the schedule then the definition found within the current edition of the ‘Horticultural Show Handbook’ published by the Royal Horticultural Society will be followed.

12. Certificates will be awarded to winners that they can keep.

13  BGA will not accept liability for any accident, loss or damage that may occur.