shed 600

The BGA shed is on the right, inside the gate to the allotments

Please note that we are not currently planning to open the BGA shed on Sundays from March for the 2022 season,

but all the usual supplies are available.  Please contact James Quick - he will lend you the key so that you can

choose what you need and pay by BACS.



The shed is in Silver Street at the entrance to the allotments (on the right as you go north). It is a convenient place for members to buy good quality, competitively priced gardening essentials without straying far from home.

Come and take a look - the extra quality of our stock is worth the £10 BGA annual family membership alone! 

Examples of the items we stock are:

    • Compost, grow bags and manure - all better quality than you can buy locally
    • Various fertilisers – eg compound fertilisers, nitrogenous, phosphate, potash fertilisers, lawn products, etc - many available to buy cheaply in bulk
    • Weedkillers, fungicides and insecticides
    • Flower pots and seed trays
    • Bamboo canes - strong and durable, will last for years!
    • Strings and ties
    • Roll materials - eg fleece, bubble wrap, greenhouse shading, capilliary matting