Happy Healthy Roses by Geoff Hodge on 18th April 2017

Geoff Hodge roses 400


Geoff Hodge was our speaker this month; he is also a freelance gardening and horticultural writer, journalist, author, editor and radio and TV presenter.
Geoff began by getting us to name all the different varieties of roses, patio, miniature, rambler, hybrid tea, floribunda and old English roses etc. If healthy rose plants are required with plenty of blooms we were told that we must improve the soil first, select a healthy looking plant with a good root system being careful not to damage any of the roots during planting. The roots being the most important part, not only does it transports food and water it’s the anchor for the plant. Geoff strongly recommended the use of mycorrhizal fungi to strengthen the root system.
Roses require plenty of water during the first few months in your garden as well as feeding with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Then we come to the part that a lot of gardeners dread, pruning. Geoff gave us a practical as well as humorous demonstration on how and when to prune. With your bypass secateurs you start with the 4D’s that means tackling any dead, diseased, dying or damaged wood, then think about the shape.

Let’s look forward to a summer of magnificent rose blooms.