The AGM of Buckden Gardeners Association was held on Tuesday 21 February 2023. The chairman’s report stated that the Club had struggled with attendance and participation over the last few years, and this was made worse by the pandemic lockdown.  The Committee stood down at the AGM as they had given it their best and felt it was time for some new blood to form a committee, bringing new ideas to hopefully revitalise the club. Unfortunately, no volunteers came forward.

Without a committee, the Association becomes defunct and therefore Buckden Gardeners Association no longer exists, which is very sad after 128 years of existence. A sub-committee was elected to run down the Association according to the constitution.

If you have any questions, please phone Pam Fraser: 01480 811680.















Buckden Gardeners Association is an RHS Affiliated Society 




Buckden Gardeners Association is in the village of Buckden, Cambridgeshire. Our events are held at the village hall and advertised in the Parish Magazine, The Roundabout.














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